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6 - 29 July 2018
Festival Off d’Avignon

Île de la Barthelasse // îlot Chapiteaux
353 Chemin des Canotiers

Five companies. Five circus shows. Bar & food on site.
Fully accessible, Air conditioned tents, Free parking!

the project

Ladies and gentlemen, t
o celebrate the 250th anniversary of the modern circus invented by Philip Astley, an Englishman from Newcastle under Lyme, The Circus Village is coming to Îlot Chapiteau with the very best of contemporary British circus – three big tops and a pub/café create an amazing venue - an English garden full of madcap characters.

Five companies from Northern Ireland, England and Wales showcase the rich contemporary circus aesthetics to be found in the United Kingdom – elegant and minimalist choreography in some cases, weird and wacky humour and total eccentricity in others. For all these companies, the worlds they create and the techniques they employ are deeply embedded in circus traditions dating back 250 years, enriched by the sounds and colours of British culture.

A quintessentially British programme of performances offering the perfect treat – the poetry, rock-and-roll attitude and charm of the neighbours from the other side of the channel, in a shaded garden with tea and cake to boot.





The Circus Village,

The Shows

Five companies from Ireland, England and Wales


NoFit State Circus 20h00

Lexicon is poised midway between contemporary performance and a celebration of the past, between present and future, between exploring the new language of circus and enjoying its traditi…


Tumble Circus 15h00

Unsuitable, a wacky ensemble with bone-dry Irish humour, puts a gang of abrasive characters on stage and asks ultra-serious questions about gender, race, identity and humour. Midway betw…


Nikki & JD 16h45

Knot is an acrobatic pas de deux about the search for a significant partner.…

Tipping Point

Ockham's Razor 18h00

Tipping Point is a performance staged in the round in a hushed and nerve-wracking world. Five metal poles create a “partition” above and below which the performers stroll, dangle, cl…


Pirates of the Carabina 22h00

Flown Flown tells the tale of a motley crew of acrobats, tightrope walkers, musicians and tumblers trying to get the show on the road. They make a…

Show Dates

5 companies, 5 shows, 1 village: 6 – 29 July

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tickets // contact

+33 (0) 9 75 18 74 53 
on site



Île de la Barthelasse // Îlot Chapiteaux 
353 Chemin des Canotiers 84000 Avignon

Site opening times: 13h00 - 01h00 
Restaurants, bar and tea room
Air conditioned Big Tops

Free parking
River Taxi: 11h - 20h45 (free) 
Taxis Radio Avignon: +33 (0)4 90 82 20 20 
Pedestrians & Bikes welcome